We build libraries, platforms, state-machines, hybrid blockchains, self-constructing apps & next generation internet architecture. Check out our latest blockchain project at Sentivate


Arity is a software company that has produced libraries, full stack node platforms, social networks, social media automation applications, websites, liquid state machines, cyrpto currencies, hybrid blockchains, & most recently next generation internet architecture.

NEWS: Partnership with Templar Titan

Arity's next upcoming products are Sentivate & Slate. Sentivate is a platform for real-time self-constructing web applications. Imagine walking across a bridge as it's being constructed only at the points in which you step on. This is exactly how applications on Sentivate function.



If you would like to get ahold of us we can be reached here at this email Arity. If you would like to get in contact with the lead developer contact Tom. All matters related to Hermes contact Tom. Our social links are Arity on Twitter - Arity on Facebook - Arity on Linkedin